Description of the picture of world peace
In April 2002 I formulated the idea, “I must do something for the world peace”. Why?
At the moment the world peace is balanced precariously. I believe that an insignificant person like me, independent of which religion the person is a member, can achieve something for the world peace. So I had the idea to paint a picture of world peace. “The picture” – “The campaign of peace!
The size: it is 5,20 metres in length and 2 metres in height. The picture shows the campain of peace.
Why campaign of peace? The living people on the picture join their hands. Incumbent presidents, spiritual authorities, bearers of peace like Nobel prize winners, ambassadors, believers and praying people give their hands each other on their shoulder. Due the move closer together they symbolise peace.
At the top of the picture: Depiction of the spirit (God, Buddha, Allah or the spirit who lives in our own head etc., how we simply name him) who directs us and determines our life. On God`s side deceased bearers of faith who have even today a positive charisma to us. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Father Pio. In the middle from left to right the picture shows incumbent presidents, spritual authorities who bring peace to us and also praying people.
The bottom of the picture shows us the sorrow of the humanity which we cause ourself.
Down of the left the picture shows the 11th sptember 2001. The New Yorker world disaster for all movements of faith. In the middle we can see Holocaust and Ausschwitz with people who died because of the turanny.
Below the head of Christian is a little boy who sees the world with sorrow because he has an amputated leg and needs consequently crutches. The little boy doesn`t know what to him or to us will come up. On the boy`s right we can see a mother with her dying son. It shouldn`t show just the nice triviality, but the inner worth for which the outward appearance should give way. A mother is just a mother when she gives up triviality for love in her heart.
Right of that the picture shows Hiroshima, the atom bomb over Hiroshima and skeletons who die away in the fire. Pain which we get inflicted, but in reality it is pain which we inflict ourself as a result of hate. In the middle of the left face, the 2nd person from the left, we can see “a person behind a mask”. This person shows the rest of the living humanity. At the top on the left an the right side are two houses of faith – the church of Assisi and a Libyan prayer-mosque.
In my opinion the world peace can just be achieved if everybody of our world will give up vanity, acquisitiveness, egoism and accusation. At the end of my letter I have a great favour.
This picture of peace which is torn into eleven parts should be brought together somewhere in our world (maybe on a place where the sorrow is especially great) from the eleven bearers of peace who I have suggested as a symbol of peace. This place should be in the Holy Land.
I thank you with all my heart and I hope that we will be in contact. I wish that it will happen like I hope for with my whole heart.
Thank you